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Impact of Computer on Mass Media - 1605 Words

Computer And Society Computer and Society Society can be defined as â€Å"a community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions, and collective activities and interests. To understand the full impact of computers on society, we will first have to understand the meaning of computer. Almost everything we know in today’s society is either operated or made by computers. Cars and jets were designed on computers, traffic signals are operated by computers, most medical equipment use computers and even space exploration was started with computers. Most of the jobs today require the use of computers. Our Reliance On Computers The society in which we live in has been so profoundly affected by computers†¦show more content†¦Large hole punched cards were used by the loom to create geometric patterns. Aside from producing beautiful patterns, the punched cards were later modified to become the main form of computer input. The system of punch cards led to the first successful semi-automated computer, a punch-card tabulating machine invented during the 1880s by American Herman Hollerith. It was used to tabulate the results of the U.S. census. Each punch card contained the data of each individual. Operators fed the countless cards into the computer. When the spring-mounted nails of the computer passed through the holes of the punch-card, an electric circuit was completed. As seen in diagram C, the results of each card were displayed on rows of dials.... The impact of computers on our economic and business life has indeed been immense. Businesses now have to be computerised or they risk failure. Every big corporation bases its operations on computing, regardless of which sector they are in. Coca-Cola, the BBC and Levi’s market and sell different products and services, yet they all share one basic property – without computers their operations would collapse. Moreover, computing is an economic dynamo. Japan, China, Is this essay helpful? Join OPPapers to read more and access more than 470,000 just like it! get better grades India and many other countries have enormous IT sectors which drive their economiesShow MoreRelatedInfluence Of Mass Media885 Words   |  4 Pages Mass Media: Development and Literacy Alicia Nunez HUM/186 Media Influences on American Culture 8/21/2017 Allyson Wells Mass Media: Development and Literacy In the last century mass media has went from paper to digital, these major developments have influenced American culture in many ways. Newspapers have been around from the beginning they provide readers with information of practical value such as; television schedules, weather maps, and listings of stock prices. In additionRead MoreCulture Globalization and Its Impact on Recreation Culture1353 Words   |  6 Pagesthe latest twenty century until that day by globalization theory, its concept and future impacts . the scientists opinions had varied about globalization repercussions at rising countries including the Arab and Islamic countries . cultural globalization is one of globalization fields which correlated by cultural side , all life fields impacted by globalization , the sport field is one of fields which impact by social phenomenon what appear on societies , but globalization appearance and its effectRead Moreexample of informative speech outline Essay examples899 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿ EXAMPLE OF INFORMATIVE SPEECH OUTLINE Informative Outline Topic: Impact of Media in the Society and Individual General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience the negative impact of social media in the society and to the individual. Thesis: Social media websites are some of the most popular haunts on the Internet. They have revolutionized the way people communicate and socialize on the Web. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Today, just aboutRead MoreThe Internet And New Media1504 Words   |  7 Pagesencouraged over time the materialization of many computer programs, with features that help create numerous digital extensions of the man, giving birth to the online generation. This generation is one that does not conceive life without internet or gadgets, such as mobile phones or iPods and that is more concerned to make their own news than to expect them from the traditional media, like the newspaper or television. All the new programs created for the computer and internet use, like the latest versionRead MoreThe Effects Of Mass Media On American Culture951 Words   |  4 PagesEffects of Mass Media Introduction Why is mass media influencing the American culture? This is what we are going to be discussing in this essay. It’s important that we understand where the media has come from and where it is now and the journey that it is taking the American culture in the last century. America has now explored what un-traditional media and it has a major impact on the culture called new media. What were the major developments in the evolution of mass media during theRead MoreThe Impact Of Mass Media On Body Image1255 Words   |  6 Pagesrelated images and videos on social media, online magazines/blogs, and mass media in general. Mass media has caused an enormous amount of controversy within the last few years concerning body image and what is politically correct. However, mass media’s impact on health can be beneficial if it is used the correct way. The social media aspect of mass media has become something that is involved in most people’s everyday lives; and it’s not going away anytime soon. Mass media posts need to be controlled soRead MoreWhy Is Medium Is The Massage Essay1528 Words   |  7 PagesWhy is Medium Message? Marshall McLuhan, a technological determinist, says in his book ‘Medium is the massage’ that the most widespread modern media influence how humans think, act and perceive the world around them. He states that the medium significantly influences the message that people will receive, and thus, the same message is perceived by the same individual in several ways if he receives them in a different way. The expression the medium is the message means that recipient receives messagesRead MoreThe Impact Of Mass Media On Youth And Society1378 Words   |  6 PagesThe Impact of Mass Media on the Youth and Society Nowadays, the issue of mass media has caused much debate in the modern society, as well as mass media is becoming more important as a component that negatively affects the behavior of young people. There are many other factors, such as micro-environment, economic instability, the decline of moral values affecting children and young people and encourage them to commit unlawful acts. However, unlimited access to the Internet, mobile phone use in theRead More The Social Benefits of Mass Communication Essay1729 Words   |  7 PagesBenefits of Mass Communication Mass communications, like anything for humans, has its advantages and disadvantages, but mass media has far more advantages to offer the world. From taking you to a far off land to teaching you about the intricacies of the life inside a colony of ants, to surfing the Internet for a new chat group to join, we learn and experience things and events that no humans ever before in history have experienced through this miracle we call mass media. This paperRead MoreEvolution of Mass Communications Essay examples1151 Words   |  5 Pages The evolution of mass communications has gone through major developments; from etching the beginnings of an alphabet into a rock the size of a standard dinner table to letting a computer recognize words spoken into a speaker as it types away what it hears. Dating back to around 1700 B.C. when the first alphabet was said to come into existence, society has come far in different fields of communications. Nothing made as large of an impact in the world of communications as the revolution of the Internet

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Critique of The Raising of the Cross Essay - 860 Words

The Raising of the Cross is one in a series of paintings based on the crucifixion of Christ by Peter Paul Rubens. This piece was painted between 1609 and 1610 with oil on canvas in life size with the centerpiece of the triptych measuring 15’2† by 11’2†. It is now displayed in the Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Belgium (Dunton, 164). Peter Paul Rubens was a Flemish artist that painted in Baroque style, his paintings were mostly of religious and mythical origin and his skill in such has been highly regarded in his lifetime and since. ( Born June 28, 1577, Rubens development as a painter, apparently, started early. After his father’s death and his family moving to Antwerp he decided he wished to be a painter†¦show more content†¦In the center panel of The Raising of the Cross, there are many men struggling to lift Christ on the cross. I think the implied significance of this is the biblical reference to the weig ht of the sins of the world being on Christ and his death being the ultimate sacrifice. Ruben seems to portray this by showing how heavy a weight that is by the men struggling to lift Christ. The angling of the cross and the styling of the painting is very similar to Ruben’s artistic inspirations, such as Caravaggio (Getlein 425). Besides the cross, there seems to be a clearly implied line pointing to the sign above Jesus’ head where it states that he is â€Å"Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews† in multiple languages (Bible, Gospel of John 19:19-20). There appears to be, what looks like, a skull in the wall behind the cross, this would likely be the skull of Goliath, since the hill is Golgotha (the Place of the Skull) (Bible, Mark 15:22). Jesus is clearly more brightly lit than the rest of the painting giving him emphasis in the image and the rocks behind the group being subordinate to them. The man in red that is lifting the cross seems to stand out am ong the men, he isn’t dressed the same and he’s darker skinned than the rest, I suspect this could be Simon of Cyrene, the man that was ordered to carry Jesus’ cross after he collapsed (Bible, Luke 23:26)and Cyrene is in modern-day Libya and SimonShow MoreRelatedAdvantages And Disadvantages Of Professional Training752 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"teaching†? References: Anne Hartree (1984) Malcolm Knowles’ Theory of Andragogy: A Critique InternatVolume3, Journal of Lifelong Education Black and Wiliam, (1998). Inside the Black Box, Raising Standards through Classroom Assessment. London: School of Education, King’s College. Crooks,T (1988). The Impact of Classroom Evaluation Practices on Students, Review of Educational Research, 58 (4), pp. 438- 481 Cross, K. Patricia (1981) Adults as Learners. Increasing Participation and FacilitatingRead MoreParenting Styles : A Parenting Style And Made A New System For Classifying Parents848 Words   |  4 Pagesare the major people who affect their children’s lives. They raise their children and teach them the rules of life by using a specific parenting style. A parenting style is a psychological concept based on regular strategies that parents use while raising their children. Parenting is a complicated occupation that requires many different skills that work in concert to influence a child’s behavior. Parental responsibilities start after the birth of the first child, and they impact the child’s overallRead MoreCluster 1: Article 7 (Women In Political And Public Life).1386 Words   |  6 Pagesattempting to attune positions, to cross data, to evaluate practices, to develop theories and to find the reasons why, despite the incontestable advances, the equitable coexistence among citizens with different skin pigmentation does not occur (CEDAW Report, pg. 35, para. 161).   Women s Movement Response CLADEM:    The CLADEM Shadow Report, combined both article 4 (affirmative actions) with article 7 (Women in Political and Public Life). The primary critique of women s representation within theRead MoreAnalysis Of The Film Crossing The Borderlands Of Sexuality And Gender 1067 Words   |  5 PagesJenny Morales 2/07/15 Crossing the Borderlands of Sexuality and Gender. The film that I decided to watch was a documentary by Gabriel Baur named Venus Boyz. This documentary film serves as a critique of gender and sex and how it is perceived in New York, London, and Zurich, but ultimately the world. In this documentary the world of Drag Kings is presented to its viewers. Drag Kings are mostly women performers who dress in male clothing in order to personify gender stereotypes. NormallyRead MoreRCMS Suport Requirement of University of Southern California522 Words   |  2 Pagesincluding discouragement of innovations, raising the barriers on multidisciplinary researches, encouragement of multiplication of courses and encouragement of manipulation of the financial data. Discouragement of innovations was the main concern of the critics. The financial pressure imposed on deans was forcing them to be concern about the financial aspects of their decisions rather than focusing on main mission as leaders of an academic institution. This critique could be validated because the mainRead MoreWhat Is The Validity Of A Report1649 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction This report will consider the claims of an article which have been based on a report by the Scottish Government and examine the validity of these claims. The report will provide a summary of the article, examine and critique the validity of these claims and then consider the reliability of the report itself. Summary Extract 1: The Moon (The Open University, 2017a) suggests that data from the Scottish Government report (2016) shows that crime rates are increasing in Scotland, with someRead MoreApplying the Background and Methodology of the Research Process to Problems in Healthcare1402 Words   |  6 Pagescarbohydrates contributes to the rises rates of obesity in school age children. Why is the problem important for health care administrators to study? Obese children are unhealthy children. Moreover, obese children tend to grow into obese adults raising the rate of health related problems. As a result healthcare administrators find themselves with a major heal issue and endeavor to find ways to decrease the rates of obesity in school children. One avenue is to improve dietary choices for school childrenRead MoreThe Case For Christ By Lee Strobel1305 Words   |  6 Pagesthe New Testament was lost, how do we know that the copied text is identical to the memo? According to Metzger, the more often you have copies that agree with each other, especially if they emerge from different geographical areas, the more you can cross-check them to figure out what the original document was like (p. 76). Also, Strobel asked Metzger why some books weren’t included in the New Testament and his response was that the church did want to portray such pictures of Jesus in the canon, thatRead MoreDisaster Disasters And Its Impact On A Population1 421 Words   |  6 Pagesinitial search for and evaluation of existing paper-based and digital resources for earthquake and home fire. Paper-based advice and tools were collected from leading ‘preparedness’ sources (including Federal Emergency Management Agency, American Red Cross, Fire Department, seismic researchers and Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)) in the case study area of Seattle Tacoma, Washington State, USA. Digital searches were conducted for web and mobile applications that provide individual and communityRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem The Storm On The Galilee 1656 Words   |  7 Pagesinterpretation of Jesus. His paintings make a lasting impact on his students, as well as future artists. Although the artwork depicts a powerful time in the Bible, many art critics believe that Rembrandt was crazy, and therefore painted crazy things. The critiques on his artwork could be seen as the representation of outsiders on the Christian faith. The Religious revolution taking part in this era had a major impact on the world, yet Amsterdam was a safe haven for those seeking religious freedom. By painting

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Language Learning Strategies Free Essays

Over the last few decades, ‘college of self-education’ has assumed more importance than the ‘college of education.’ That is to say, a noticeable transformation has taken place, as for language learning. The emphasis is more on learners and learning than teachers and teaching. We will write a custom essay sample on Language Learning Strategies or any similar topic only for you Order Now The system of language education has undergone metamorphic changes. The focus is on the learner. The learner-centered curriculum and the learner-centeredness as for language education are the concepts in practice now. Many papers/articles have appeared emphasizing the above shift. The use of language learning strategies (in second and foreign language (LLS) in second and foreign language (L2/FL) for learning and teaching have become part of the language syllabi. Defining of Language Learning Strategies: â€Å"Weinstein and Mayer (1986) defined learning strategies (LS) broadly as â€Å"behaviors and thoughts that a learner engages in during learning† which are â€Å"intended to influence the learner’s encoding process† (p. 315) Later Mayer (1988) more specifically defined LS as â€Å"behaviors of a learner that are intended to influence how the learner processes information† (p. 11). Human beings have the innate tendency to process the language and learning which in fact means processing of the information. Learning skills are the inseparable part of the learning process, whatever be the content or context. Learning skills are put to use in all subjects—like Mathematics, History, Geography, Language etc. Learning environment vary, it can be informal as well as classroom setting. As for L2/FL education—it has been defined by Tarone (1983) as â€Å"an attempt to develop linguistic and sociolinguistic competence in the target language — to incorporate these into one’s inter language competence† (p. 67). Tarone, E. (1983).The earlier focus was on the linguistic or sociolinguistic competence. It has progressively changed and the current emphasis is on processes and the characteristics of LLS. One point incidentally. LLS are distinct from learning styles. Learning styles mainly concern to innate, inborn and chosen ways of noting, absorbing and processing the acquired information and skills. There exists, however, a distinct relationship between one’s own style of learning the language and the language learning strategies adopted by one. Good language learner/High Proficient students: The ways or learning a language varies from person to person. The choicest way to learn a language can not be singled out. The best way to pick up the language comes from within. You have the intense desire to learn a particular language and therefore you are immersed in the related activities that help the cause. Read books, watch movies, interact with people who speak that language, study the related articles in the magazines. If you cultivate a friend circle in the language of your choice, you pick up the language quickly. You need not pay intense attention to the grammar at the initial stages. Join a tutored course and own a self-study package. Tutored learning is the commonly accepted mode to learn and acquire skill in a language. The experienced teacher in a classroom, who has handled hundreds of students in the past, knows their initial problems and the related solutions can provide motivation for the language learners. Language learning need not be a serious and tense exercise. If you travel and tour the country of the targeted language, your language related questions and problems get an automatic solution. Over the period, you find that you have picked up the language. Foreign language learning strategies: Research made to find the best method to teach a language is voluminous. The relevant answers to this problem came from the learners themselves. It was found that tested strategies play an effective role in the area of language learning. Of all the methods the ones classified by Oxford (1990) provided a system and stability to the whole process. Oxford viewed learning strategies as â€Å"specific actions taken by the learner to make leaning easier, faster, more enjoyable, more self directed, more effective, and more transferable to new situations† (p.8). The strategies are divided in to two categories: Direct Strategies: They are further classified into a) Memory strategies b) Cognitive strategies c) Compensation strategies. Indirect Strategies: These are further classified into a) Metacognitive Studies b) Affective Strategies c) Social Strategies (Oxford, 1990, p 16) Memory strategies are, i) creating mental images, ii) applying images and sounds, iii) reviewing well. Cognitive strategies are,   i) practicing, ii) analyzing and reasoning iii) creating structure for input and output. Compensation strategies are, i) guessing intelligently, ii) overcoming limitations in speaking and writing. As for Indirect Strategies, Metacognitive strategies are, i) centering your learning, ii) arranging and planning your learning iii) evaluating your learning. Affective strategies are, i) lowering your anxiety, ii) encouraging yourself, iii) taking your emotional temperature. Social strategies are, i) asking questions, ii) co-operating with others, iii) empathizing with others. (Oxford, 1990, p 17) .Factors affecting the Choice of Learning Strategies: Many factors influence the selection of strategies employed by the students learning a second language. The most important factor is motivation. A highly motivated student is different from the less motivated one. If one has a particular and strong reason for learning the language, one picks up the language fast. Sometimes, career prospectuses are linked to the language. In such cases, one is expected to learn a language within the specified period. Females use such strategy in a greater degree than the male counterparts. Memorization is related to cultural background. Asian students showed higher degree of expertise in this area. Attitudes and beliefs play the dominant role. The negative attitudes do not help the cause. The positive attitudes have a profound effect. The type of task assists in determining the strategy employed to carry it out. As for the age, the older and more advanced students employ different strategies. Learning style is also one of the important factors in the selection of the strategy. Tolerance of ambiguity is directly related to the selection of the strategy. (Language†¦..) Proficiency and language learning strategies: The number of English language learners is rising steadily. Special interventions for underachieves are therefore necessary. Different approaches are tried for teaching academics to students to whom English is a second language. It is no ordinary task to teach a student in a language in which he has no mastery. Lots of information is now available as for students hailing from different cultural/linguistic backgrounds. Firstly, the traditional peer-assisted Learning Strategies to enhance student efficiency in English are effective. Such a strategy has shown positive results on the reading achievement. Another intervention is Bilingual Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition program. This was beneficial for the Spanish-speaking students. In this intervention the focus is on writing, reading in both Spanish and English language activities. The students are divided into small co-operative learners groups. Another invention is Instructional Conversations and Literature Logs. The goal here is to enhance the comprehension ability and also English language proficiency. Importance is given to small-group discussions. The teachers   act as facilitators for the group, while the group of students is engaged in telling stories, relate personal experiences which are helpful   in understanding each other, keep topics and concepts, writing independently short notes as per the writing prompts. Answer questions related to stories etc. The exercises have high potential effects on the Language learners and they contribute to fast development of the English language skills. They also help the communication skills. â€Å"The Vocabulary Improvement Program for English Language Learners and Their Classmates (VIP) is a vocabulary development curriculum for English language learners and native English speakers (grades 4-6). The 15-week program includes 30-45 minute whole class and small group activities, which aim to increase students’ understanding of target vocabulary words included in a weekly reading assignment.†(What works†¦) Many more such interventions are employed and language learning strategies followed for proficiency in English language. Why are LLS important for L2? â€Å"Within ‘communicative’ approaches to language teaching a key goal is for the learner to develop communicative competence in the target L2/FL, and LLS can help students in doing so.† The importance of communication strategies is an essential factor of strategic competence. Communication skill and language learning strategies differ in substance. The speakers make an intentional and conscious effort to communicate in a L2/FL.All strategies that L2/FL learners utilize in the language which they intend to learn are covered under LLS. LLS are very essential for learning the language because they are the proper tools for self-initiated active involvement, which is necessary for enhancing communicative skills. Conclusion: During the last few decades, many changes have occurred relating to teacher’s professional learning and consequently they have influenced and affected the teaching methods/standards for the students. Computes have influenced the teaching and studying pattern much. One can see effective use of technology in all areas. The pattern of collaborative activity between the teachers and the students has also undergone perceptible changes and such changes are for the better. They have helped to create drastic level of improvement in the communication, and speaking skills. The teachers understand the needs of the students better. The students understand the expectations of the teachers even better. In this materialistic world and fast moving technological advances, expertise in communication and spoken language is an important aspect for the career growth. References Cited: Weinstein, C., Mayer, R. (1986). The teaching of learning strategies: In M.C. Wittrock (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Teaching, 3rd Edition (pp. 315-327). New York: Macmillan Mayer, R. (1988). Learning strategies: An overview: In Weinstein, C., E. Goetz, P. Alexander (Eds.), Learning and Study Strategies: Issues in Assessment, Instruction, and Evaluation (pp. 11-22). New York: Academic Press. Oxford, R. (1990). Language learning strategies: What every teacher should know. Boston: Heinle Heinle. Language Learning Strategies: Article: An Update Oxford (1990a) synthesized existing research on how the following factors influence the choice of strategies used among students learning a second language. †¦ – 25k -Retrieved on June 16,2007 Article: What Works Clearinghouse: English Language Learning Peer-Assisted Learning Strategies is an instructional program for use in †¦ develop reading comprehension ability along with English language proficiency. †¦ – 25k – Retrieved on June 16,2007 Tarone, E. (1983). Some thoughts on the notion of ‘communication strategy’. In C. Faerch G. Kasper (Eds.), Strategies in Inter language Communication (pp. 61-74). London: Longman. How to cite Language Learning Strategies, Essay examples

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Survival Of The Stingray Essays - Dasyatis, Venomous Fish

Survival of the Stingray Imagine yourself 150,000 years in the future. Another ice age is in full force. Temperatures are much colder, vegetation has ceased to exist, along with several entire animal species. The lion, once the king of the jungle, is no more than an alley cat scavenging for food. The great white shark- reduced to the size of goldfish. A new predator is on the prowl. The stingray, once limited to shallow, sandy beaches, has evolved! With it's new adaptations the power of the stingray is unfurled, free to roam in the wide expanse of sea, air, and land. Many advantages have evolved in the once conservative stingray. From the large size of the present day animal, the stingray has been reduced in size and weight from an average of 12 feet, 60 pounds to 3 feet, 15 pounds to provide from speed, stealth, and agility. The broad flattened pectoral fins have grown a protective hard scale resistant to the hardest of an enemy's teeth, along with the secretion of a special enzyme that causes pain and damage along with a bitter taste to avoid being eaten. It's powerful tail has been lengthened to provide offensive coverage in a 360 degree area. Along with the sharp, barbed spines and deadly poisonous glands, the stingray is now an formidable opponent. With the decrease in food supply, the stingray has adapted with his environment. Formerly a sole marine animal, a stingray's diet has now included the usual fish and crustaceans to birds and small rodents. To achieve this new source of food, the stingray now has the capability to move on land in the form of a speedy slithering such as a snake might move. A set of lungs accompany this adaptation enabling the stingray to breathe on land as well as water. In addition to land and sea, if a stingray should swim swiftly to the surface and break out high above, his new capability to glide would take effect. With a limit of a few minutes the stingray cannot sustain continued flight. He would be able to act as a scavenger stealing away kills from other predators and returning to the murky depths. The bland coloring of his skin enables him to hide from the predators as his skin reflects off the colors surrounding his environment. In a land surrounded by ice and water, a hard nose tooth, similar to a tusk, has grown to allow the stingray to break into crevices where urchins and such may be hiding. This also enables him to use the tooth as a weapon against invaders. In the harsh conditions of this new ice age, the stingray has evolved a number of advantages that should ensure their life span of their species well into the future.

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Use Bingo to Teach Any School Subject

Use Bingo to Teach Any School Subject Bingo is a wonderful teaching tool to have at your fingertips no matter what you are teaching. You can even make it up as you go along! The basic premise of Bingo is simple: players start with a grid filled with answers and they cover up spaces as the corresponding item is called from the Bingo caller. Winners make a complete line going vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Or, you can play Black Out which means the winner is the first person who covers all of the spots on the card. Preparation There are a few ways you can prepare for playing Bingo in your classroom. Buy a Bingo set from a teacher supply store. Of course, this is the easiest way, but we teachers don’t make too much money so this option may not make too much sense.A cheaper option requires you to prepare all of the Bingo boards ahead of time, making sure that all of the boards are configured differently from each other.For older students, you can hand over some of the preparation to them. Prepare one Bingo board with all of the options filled in. Also, keep a copy of a blank board. Make copies of each page, one per student. Give the children time to cut apart the pieces and paste them wherever they want on the blank boards.The most teacher-friendly way to do Bingo is to give each child a blank piece of paper and have them fold it into sixteenths. Then they get to write the terms into their bingo sheet from your list (on the chalkboard or overhead) and voila! Everyone has their own unique Bingo board! You can play Bingo with virtually any subject. Here is a rundown of some of the different ways you can play Bingo in your classroom: Language Arts Phonemic Awareness:  Kindergarten teachers can use this type of Bingo to help students learn the sounds that correspond to the letters of the alphabet. On the Bingo chart, place single letters in each of the boxes. Then, you call out the letter sounds and the students put a marker on the letter that  makes  each sound. Or, say a short word and ask the kids to identify the beginning sound. Vocabulary:  In the Bingo chart boxes, put the vocabulary words your class is currently studying. You will read out the definitions and the kids have to match them up. Example: You say to find and bring back and the students cover up retrieve. Parts of Speech:  Get creative with using Bingo to help kids remember the parts of speech. For instance, read a sentence and ask the kids to place a marker on the verb in that sentence. Or, ask the kids to look for a verb that begins with a g. Make sure there are all different types of words that begin with that letter so that they really have to think about it. Math Subtraction, Addition, Multiplication, Division:  Write the answers to applicable problems in the Bingo boxes. You call out the problem. This is a great way to reinforce the math facts that kids must memorize. For example, you say, 6 X 5 and the students cover 30 on their game sheets. Fractions:  In the Bingo boxes, draw various shapes cut into portions with some of the parts shaded. Example: draw a circle cut into fourths and shade one of the fourths. When you read out the words one fourth, the students will have to determine which shape represents that fraction. Decimals:  Write the decimals in the boxes and call out the words. For example, you say, forty  three  hundredths and the kids cover the square with .43. Rounding:  For example, you say, Round 143 to the nearest 10. The students put a marker on 140. You may want to write the numbers on the board instead of just saying them. Place Value:  For example, you say, place a marker on a number that has six in the hundreds spot. Or, you can put a large number on the board and ask the students to place a marker on the digit that is in the thousands place, etc. Science, Social Studies, and more! Vocabulary:  Similar to the vocabulary game described above, you say the definition of a word from your unit of study. The children place a marker on the corresponding word. Example: You say, the planet closest to our sun and the students mark Mercury. Facts:  You say something like, the number of planets in our solar system and the children place a marker on 9. Continue with other number-based facts. Famous People:  Focus on famous people associated with your unit of study. For instance, you say, This person wrote the  Emanicaption  Proclamation and the students put a marker on Abraham Lincoln. Bingo is a wonderful game to keep in mind when you have a few extra minutes to fill in the day. Get creative and have fun with it. Your students surely will!

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Sample Formal Graduation Announcement

Sample Formal Graduation Announcement Wording your graduation announcement can seem like a minor challenge, but its also a task that can take up a lot of your (very precious) time. Going with formal, traditional language is one way to ensure your announcement accurately represents the importance and value of all of your hard work. Before writing your formal graduation announcement, its important to review some basic rules of etiquette for any kind of graduation announcement, formal or otherwise. Rules for Graduation Announcements The first thing to decide before  writing your announcement  is whom to invite, or whether you intend to invite anyone.  Unlike high school graduation, not everyone is going to attend the commencement ceremony or expect a party.  It is not uncommon for college graduates to omit the date and location of the graduation  from the announcement.   This may seem odd, but in this case, the announcement is just that: an announcement of your achievement. If you do intend to invite guests to the graduation ceremony, youll need to include a few vital pieces of information: The salutation or greetingYour nameThe college or universityThe degree youve earnedThe commencement ceremony (or party) date and timeThe location of the ceremony or party In a formal graduation announcement, the salutation takes on a very specific, formal tone, usually mentioning the president of the college or university, the faculty, and the graduating class as the parties that are actually inviting guests to attend. These three parties are, in essence, hosting the event and extending a formal invitation to your guests on your behalf. Sample Graduation Announcement Once youve gathered the necessary information- always ensure that you know how the spell the college presidents name, for example- including the location, time, and date, you are ready to write your formal graduation announcement. The information below represents a sample formal announcement. You can replace the information in parentheses with the details that are specific to you. Additionally, center the text in your announcement. The President, Faculty, and Graduating Classof(XX College or University)Proudly Announce the Graduation of(Your full name, including your middle name)on(The day, the date- spelled out- and the month)(The Year, spelled out)with a(Your degree) in(The subject in which you are obtaining your degree)(The location)(The city and state)(The time) Note that in a formal graduation announcement, you would never say something like, I would like to invite.  Since you are a member of the graduating class, you are of course included in the groups that are hosting the event, but you should not single yourself out in extending the invitation. The Final Product It can be helpful to see what a formal graduation announcement would look like. Feel free to use the format and wording below. Simply replace the name of the college, graduate, degree, and other details with the correct information. The President, Faculty, and Graduating Class                                                  of                                    Hope College            Proudly Announce the Graduation of                        Oscar James Meyerson                 Sunday, the Nineteenth of May                    Two Thousand Eighteen                                          with a                  Bachelor of Arts Degree in                        Sports Management                  Holland Municipal Stadium                        Holland, Michigan                             2:00 oclock p.m. Centering the text and spelling out information that is usually abbreviated- such as the type of degree, date, and time- give the announcement an elegant, formal appeal. Use this format and youll be sure to impress your guests not just with your achievement, but also with the way you are inviting them to celebrate it with you.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Movie Theaters and Digital Distribution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Movie Theaters and Digital Distribution - Essay Example The technology boom has advantages and challenges. It is up to the industry to get its act together to make best use of the opportunities. It is no use blaming anyone including technology and competition for plunging fortunes. Innovations and internet is making inroads deep inside domains hitherto impenetrable. People, the young generation in particular, are taking advantage. But this need not lead anyone to press the panic button. A good look at causes for decline in business proves that it is not due to technological advances but rather in spite of it. The problem lies elsewhere. It could be any one or more than one of the reasons. It could be technology, piracy, lethargy, obsolescence, or just plain stupidity. Whatever it is, research proves that it is manageable. The opportunities are immense. The younger generation is reaping it. It is not their fault if established markets have failed to appropriate their share. (The Future of Music+Technology, and Online Music). The rapid growth of entertainment and media technology has clearly rattled the relevant industries of music, movies and information. Suddenly everyone is talking in terms of the Digital Rights Management (DRM) as if it is the panacea to all the ailments. The DRM is helpful in curbing piracy and even competition. But what happens if the content of the music and the movie fails to inspire Will the DRM claim responsibility Can any amount of piracy wreck the bond between Michael Jackson and his fans If Enrique Iglesias makes an appeal not to encourage piracy, it will be interesting to get feedback of how many fans oblige. It is all very well to talk about security, legal protection, strong infrastructure, good network, and so on. Entertainment and media is facing real challenges from the digital revolution. The best way to face these challenges is by using factors both technical as well as emotional. There are many ways to maintain good customer relations and balance sheet. Every customer is not a pirate. (Blake White). Theatre owners are changing over to multiplexes in a big way in order to lure viewers. This is an external factor and a good one! However, it is equally important to adequately update and organize internal factors such as viewer satisfaction, added values such as better seat arrangement, sensibilities, hospitality, comforts, and so on. Movie goers no longer visit theatres to only watch films. They want more value for their money. Pirates or Demons I think the issue of home theatre, piracy and online distribution is being overblown. Going through statistics and observations, one cannot but agree that the problem exists. But not in the proportion it is being made out to be. Where there is a will there is a way. The Southeast Asian nations have proved it. Malaysia saw piracy drop from 95% to 65%. (Kristen Bole). If every country in the world displayed similar resolute purpose, piracy could be curbed to a very great extent. The revolution in communication and media industries has impacted every industry. Those who survived are the ones who reviewed the situation, prepared for the changes